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A Touch of Transylvania - A Private One Day Tour around Cluj

Salina Turda - Remetea - Aiud

Not enough time on your agenda? Just a short break in your busy schedule?

If you are ready for a one day journey, to just get a taste of Transylvania, this private trip takes you south of Cluj and gives you the most important three ingredients: traditions, history and natural resources, for a captivating and varied trip through the rich hills of the region.

Tour Details

After breakfast, your private guide and driver will take you out of Cluj to Turda, about 30 km south. Dating back to the roman times, Turda is the starting point for two of the most important touristy places around Cluj: Turda Salt Mine and Turda Gorges.

The fascinating visit to the Turda Salt Mines takes you down into the womb of the earth, where a XVII century salt mine is now transformed into a modern museum and a very popular place for treatment facilities. Learn about the old mining process started here in the Roman times, examine the old equipment, take the panoramic lift down to Rudolf Room where you can play bowling, basketball, listen to a concert or sail on a boat on the underground salt lake.

Your next stop will be in the old Hungarian village of Remetea. Sheltered at the feet of an 1120 meters high rock, with a 700 hundred year old fortress on top, Remetea is now an authentic, charming village opening its homes to you and offering traditional food and rustic accommodation. Enjoy a tasty, traditional lunch, walk the streets and admire the unique architecture, stop for a chat with the friendly locals.

To complete your one-day journey in the heart of Transylvania, your private guide will take you then to Aiud, an old German city south of Cluj. Build by German inhabitants in the XVI century, the old town is known as one of the oldest citadels in Transylvania, strongly fortified with 8 meters high walls and 9 towers, surrounding a XV century impressive gothic church. Walk around and find more about the fortification’s rich history or about the towers, each named after a specific guild.

In the evening, your private guide will take you back to Cluj where a good dinner could be the relaxing end of a wonderful day.