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Private tours in Romania - Transylvanian Travel Agent

אודותינוAbout Us

The company was founded 15 years ago by Aurelian Miron, a former Transylvanian Tour Guide, and was meant as a customized tours agency from the very beginning. The founder worked over the years with other experienced Romanian guides to develop personalized tours for foreign tourists looking to get off the beaten path, to get to know the real Romania and its people.

Upon your specific requests, we can build your dream Romanian holiday. It would be tailored to your personal needs and interests and designed to meet your expectations at every level.

Whatever your wishes are, we have the experience and the means to make them happen. We chose only the very best, most professional guides to accompany you and enrich your knowledge, comfortable cars or minivans to suit your needs, the very best hotels and restaurants, all handpicked over the years while traveling around the country.

So what do you have in mind? A tour of the authentic Romania, an ancestry journey to rediscover your roots, a Jewish Heritage trip, or you want a helicopter ride over the beautiful mountains? There are old castles, renowned vineries, ancient monasteries, friendly country people waiting for you in their ancestral homes with dinner on the table, ready to make you part of their lives, ready to show you their lively dances and music. Or maybe you are interested in a private tour of museums, or a birdwatching trip in the Danube Delta paradise. Do you just want to take a biking trip, or you have an interest in old steam locomotives?

Just let us know what is it you are looking for and we will find it for you. We can open doors and take you places that few people have access to. We can offer you not just a great vacation, but an incredible experience...

So come, relax and enjoy the ride!